The Westchester School for Special Children Distance Learning Plan In order to continue to meet the educational needs of our students during this difficult time, the school has taken numerous steps to ensure that the educational process continues for our students. As the program services students from a wide demographic and geographic area, our most effective method for providing educational materials to our parents has proven to be utilization of the school’s website and app which are directly linked.  

• On our app/website, we will post various worksheets and activities spanning the levels of functioning for all of our students, with special focus on IEP goals assigned to our students.

• We will post a list of several activities for parents to implement at home, which do not require worksheets, but are more hands-on, sensory based and allow for the practicing of daily living skills.   

• We will also post a list of websites which the parents can access from home free of charge. 

• To further provide support to our students and parents, teachers will be in contact with parents via phone and email on a regular basis in order provide work, to answer questions, and provide any assistance needed. 

 • Any parent that does not have access to a computer or smartphone will be directed to contact the school and informational packets will be mailed home to them. 

 • For questions about how to work with your child on their therapeutic goals; contact the area Coordinator via email and you will receive a prompt response. 

          o Occupational & Physical Therapy:  Ruma Choudhury at 

          o Speech & Language Therapy: Leanne Lucia:

          o Psychological Services: Vasilios Lagos:  

          o For assistance with outside services, contact Elisa Pacewicz at or Diane Gaetano 

          o Educational Services: Corinne Safarowic or  Jonathan Remeny or  Louise Bolduc  

We know how important school is to our students and we look forward to having them return to school as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we will continue to work together to provide ways to work on implementing their IEPs utilizing a distance learning format.